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Do small things with great love.

-Mother Teresa

I think in a lot of ways, that is what I am trying to do. A lot of people may look at this website and think, "Does this girl really think her signs are making an impact?" To be honest, I'm not sure. However, I can say that I have had so many people tell me that my signs have brought tears to their eyes.

At my first ever sale, I had my aunt man my stand while I was at my day job (AKA special ed. teacher). She was absolutely the sweetest for setting me up with a booth and advertising for me. I made so many signs. It was right before Christmas. I figured, hey I will either make a killing OR it will be a flop! It turned out to be a great day! She called me after work so excited to tell me how I did. But my most favorite part was my one sign. I had made a sign. It read: "I will love you in the morning and in the afternoon. I will love you in the evening and underneath the moon." I remember watching the old movie this was originally from and singing along to it as a kid. I had sold tons of these signs before that day. But this day was different. She told me that a man was walking by my booth. She said he looked at my things in passing not thinking anything of it. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. He started to cry. My aunt approached him. If you ever have the chance to meet my Aunt Jan, she is just the best and so sincere so I'm sure this guy was really comforted by her. He then told her that he used to sing this song to his kids when they were babies. And now his babies have babies. He is a grandpa! He said he HAD to have it!

This is what I live for. Had I been there I would have been crying right there with him. (I'm a total sucker for dad and daughter love; being a true daddy's girl myself). So no. I don't think my signs will change the world or anything, but why not try to make someone happy or feel comforted.

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