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Commission Orders

How it works

Custom orders can be daunting. But they don't have to be. When inquiring, provide the date needed by, what you would like it say, how big and what type of material. We will ask the rest of the questions. Typically processing and designing will take between 3-4 weeks based on what is needed. 

Due to the nature of custom orders, designs may vary between what your imagination is thinking and what it turns out to look like. However, we strive to provide the highest quality pieces and will work with you to give you updates and final reveals. 


How pricing works

Pricing is based on design, amount of words and materials. If you have an idea of how many words, we can give you an immediate general idea of the cost. However, prices will vary once materials and other designs are added. 


Pricing Scale

Pricing per words and size

These prices are based on the amount of words in the design. It also includes the time it takes to come up with design. There is an additional fee for materials and other add-ons. I try to work with my clients to get the best pricing on materials. Due to the nature of using materials such as wood, sizes may vary by a half inch or so from the sizes listed below. However, we stay as close as possible!

11.5 in. x 11.5 in. 

  • Small (1-5 words) $25.00

  • Medium (6-15 words) $30.00

  • Large (16-30 words) $35.00 

24 in. x 12 in.

  • Small (1-5 words) $30.00

  • Medium (6-15 words) $35.00

  • Large (16-30 words) $40.00

36 in.  x 14 in.

  • Small (1-5 words) $45.00

  • Medium (6-15 words) $50.00

  • Large (16-30 words) $55.00 

36 in. x 6 in.

  • Small (1-5 words) $30.00

  • Medium (6-15 words) $35.00 

  •  Large (16-30 words) $40.00

For clients that want a different size or a larger amount of words, contact for details. I would love to hear your ideas and make your idea come to life! 


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